Behesht Qandil Company was registered in 2008 with the purpose of organizing commercial activities of the founder and owner of the company and with the agreement reached with Akbar Brothers Group, started its activities under the exclusive license of the above-said.
The commercial activities have of the Behesht Qandil Company founder a long history and the current success of the group is the result of the guidance gained from its experience.
The unique quality of Doghazal tea products and suitable packaging are matched with any taste in Iran and met with great praise. The quality maintenance of the products has resulted in the loyalty of Doghazal customers. Behesht Qandil factory is located 40 km from Tehran covering an area of 15,000 square meters, including production halls equipped with the most advanced automatic and fully hygienic packaging machines, laboratories, office spaces, restaurants, modern facilities, etc. Currently, more than 200 full-time staff directly and a thousand others indirectly are throughout Iran with Behesht Qandil Company in various. The companie’s purpose are respecting customers’ demands, satisfying the customers, honesty, observing, the principles of professional ethics, keeping up with the latest technology and meeting the market needs.
Behesht Qandil Company sells its products professionally through Ghazal Pakhsh Company and during its activity, it has been able to give convenient inclusion in Tehran and Alborz provinces.

The Vision

We intend to be the market leader in term of quality and innovation in the Iranian tea industry

Food quality and safety policy

The Mission

The company attempts to ensure sustainable profitability while meeting customer satisfaction and perform its activities according to human values and based on knowledge by benefiting from its international brand experiences. It seeks leading the market by producing quality products in the tea and beverage industry that will ensure sustainable profitability while creating customer satisfaction.

Doghazal is one of the brands of Akbar Brothers Company and with Sri Lankan origin, founded in 1969. Doghazal tea has a history of longer than 50 years in the Middle East. Akbar Brothers Company is the largest exporter of Ceylon tea in the world and active in production and supply of black tea, the products of which are used by many prominent brands in the world. More than 75 million cups of tea are consumed daily from the brand of Akbar Brothers worldwide. Currently, about one-fifth of the country’s annual production is exported to more than 91 countries. Testing and selecting the best types of tea and benefiting from the knowledge of experienced experts in this field with more than a century of experience in the tea industry, the company’s products have occupied a remarkable portion of the world tea market for its high quality. Emphasizing on the quality of the products by relying on comprehensive knowledge and experience in the field of tea industry and business culture have resulted in maintenance of the quality of the tea offered all through these years at an excellent level.